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Electronic Press Kit


'The music and lyrics of Australian diva and artist Tamwah, exudes positivity and goodness' - Beaver on the
Tamwah is a conscious first-nation Australian Artist & Producer, who's currently making waves in the Caribbean.

A multi-dimensional artist with a dynamic voice, that flows between smooth R&B melodies, lush harmonies and rap. 

Tamwah is a song woman who is ever-evolving.


As a producer, Tamwah's music is a playful weaving of feminine frequencies—an organic, synthesis of

tropical, RnB, reggae, hip hop and Latin music.

Her songs are a celebration of life, nature and resilience.


Tamwah's latest self-produced LP, "Love like Water" (2022), advocates for the sacredness of water whilst

amplifying the voices of both indigenous & female artists. Tamwah's LP features collaborations with other talented global independent artists, like Miya Quaill (Australia), Zaynab Wilson (Canada), Kattimoni—and more!!! 

In 2022, Tamwah & Flowers collaborated on a Cuban-inspired song, "Baila" (Produced by Scruffyheadz, Barbados), which got signed to Spanish record label Blanco Y Negro, expanding the artist's international fan-base.

"Warrajamba" (feat Miya Quaill), a sweet samba song about a mermaid, is nominated for the

prestigious 2023 APRA Song of the Year!!

 "Warrajamba" and "Elevate", tracks 2 and 4 from Tamwah's LP, were selected to be part of "First Sounds" VOL 3+8, curated  by FNMA's IndigiTUBE & distributed to over 200+ community radio stations across Australia,

helping connect Tamwah with new fans & opportunities!


 Tamwah purpose shines like a beacon—ignite consciousness, inspire positive change.

Her NEW song "Mama Nature" is an affirmation of the beauty and majesty of our mama nature!!, a vibrant reggae tune with a Funk Carioca twist produced by Tamwah in Barbados, is available now online. "Mama Nature" is the follow up single to "Amazonia", Watch Official Music Video Here   "AMAZONIA" is a powerful blend of beats, spirit, and consciousness. Imagine hip hop and samba rhythms intertwining seamlessly to create a groove that's irresistibly uplifting. But there's more—Tamwah is an artist for the Amazon, Checkout 

Tune In, Amplify, and Elevate— "Amazonia" on Tamwah's YouTube Channel HERE!

Flowers song artwork by Tamwah & flower



Official Music Video Amazonia by Tamwah
Artist, singer song writer / Producer
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