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For Bookings & inquiries email: or msg WhatsApp +61 466583183


Massage & Energy Healing Session 


This spiritual treatment promotes accelerated healing, inner growth & reconnection with Body, Mind, Emotions & Soul.

With your permission, awareness & breath, your body is finally able to “let go” allowing you, the client, to realign & embody more of your souls radiance!!! This is my genius offering.

During your REALIGN & EMBODY session, I work in multi-dimensions with your spirit, guides & our most honorable ancestors for your highest good. Cleansing & balancing your chakras, aura, timelines, blind spots, whilst receiving the BEST massage. 

Using various massage & energy healing modalities,

I work your healing intention through your muscles, lymphatic system, fascia, meridians, chakras & aura.

This boosts your immune system, elevates stress & positively strengthens your electromagnetic energy field (aura).

READY for major transformation & to embody more of your Soul?

My genius offering,

Realign & Embody massage & Energy healing session is for you!!!

Please allow up to 2hrs for this session




For Bookings & inquiries email: or MSG

WhatsApp +61 466583183


 Relax, Realign & Rejuvenate your Body


As your Massage Therapist, I specialize in a variety of massage techniques that promotes relaxation, release of muscular tension & connection with your body. Each massage is  personalized to your needs, I offer a present, nurturing touch, that reflects your healing intention & deeply listens to your body/muscles/lymphatic system/ fascia, organs, tendons, meridians & ligaments.


1HR $65 USD  OR 1.5HRS $90 USD

For Bookings & inquiries email: or MSG

WhatsApp +61 466583183


Healing Session 

In the comfort of your own space, we can work remotely with you, your most honorable ancestors & your healing intent.
This spiritual work requires your permission & sharing of healing intention. We connect online & in spirit, we will set up a crystal grid with your healing intention, we will do a
body & energy field scan.

I have an extensive back ground in somatic/ shamanic healing arts for my inner tuition to work most gracefully with more of you during your session. 

For example may use Kundalini Reiki, Kinesiology & holographic healing templates.

As a multi-dimensional being, having an epic human experience, Distant Healing sessions can bring you into greater alignment on many levels; through your chakras,
aura, thoughts & emotions.

This work strengthens & supports having a conscious living relationship with your Soul/Essence/Inner being.
Promotes: Vibrating at a higher frequency, Clarity, Inner peace, A deep love for self & embodied soulful expansion.


Includes: Notes on best tools/ Practices exclusively for you to keep glowing & growing.

Session duration is 40 minutes

Available via ZOOM or WhatsApp


For Bookings & inquiries email: or MSG

WhatsApp +61 466583183


For clarity, insight & creative solutions

For clarity & self empowerment. I offer a very clear reflection & channel for you to receive guidance. Clairvoyant reading using tarot as a practical tool to help best maneuver through changes & make the most of opportunities. Learn about yourself & whats blocking you. These sessions include distant healing to help you be more aligned with your spirit.

Sessions available anywhere in the world via ZOOM & WhatsApp. 

Sessions  30mins / $150        60mins /$300

**The Peoples Reserve can be used on this service**

For Bookings & inquiries email: or msg WhatsApp +61 466583183
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