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This album is a testimony to the resilience we as indigenous artists walk with.

2020 has been a massive opportunity for collective awakening & growth among the evident lies & control of our so called leaders.

The systems broke & all the cracks are showing. Diverse flowers are springing up out the cracks, we are seeing ourselves being represented in more meaningful & inspiring ways for the first time globally. We have the courage & voices to advocate for our one HOME. Even though our ancestors ever since have been custodians for land & water. First nations peoples still don't have water titles in so called Australia today. Currently Australia's governments put money above nature & first-nation people,


Here, in the music we lovingly speak on with care, protection & respect for the waters. We share stories about love & connection, we invite you to walk forward together picturing our world living in unified LOVE.

The time is always now, to care for our mama earths body as if it was our own...because it is!  Every element in SHE is in WE. We all know the waters on earth are being polluted. What we need to also inner-stand about the waters on the planet & in our bodies is that it holds frequencies, created by thoughts & emotions. 

Here's a link to an interesting study on the effects of different emotions on water, frozen under a microscope by Dr Emoto

We need to grow spiritually to understand our position & true power. Water is a key to the evolution of humanity.

I set out to create an album with a big dreaming to connect us indigenous artists from Australia; KaayTee, Yeahlad, Miya Quaill & myself Tamwah with artists Nikolai & Flower from Barbados through songwriting. We naturally expanded on artists involved along the way, with Zaynab Wilson & Stoney Bluefireflame from the Americas blessing the tracks. As well as non-indigenous stellar artists, Kattimoni & Anna Rizzo-Tassone from here. Creating a safe space for us all to level up together & share our voices. Usually its "best" practice to song write in the same room but hey Covid-19 hasn't made it possible or easy for us artists to work in our organic environments. Some of the songs like "HOME","ELEVATE", "SEARCHING FOR THE SUN" & "YEMANJA", were written in person & recorded in Byron Bay. The remaining 5 songs were created through songwriting sessions on the alien internet. We've had to over come limitations, technical issues, time zones & my gamin WiFi to bring this album to life. I've been busy for months wearing the hat of producer, artist, engineer, marketing, graphic artist & fundraising thru ACF assuring artist get paid for their work.


This album is a living workshop of how WE indigenous artists from different groups and spaces, have created music & art together. Thriving as caregivers for mother earth whilst conveying the theme “Love like water” to our existing fans & new audiences thru collaboration & the digital realm.

May it activate all that listen to live in LOVE.

Miya Quaill (AUS)

Miya Quaill Singer & poet

KaayTee  (AUS)

KaayTee MC, vocalist

Zaynab Wilson (CA)

Zaynab Wilson Singer songwriter, Drummer, Percussionist, Steel pan


Yeah Lad Song writer & MC

Flower  (BBD)

Flower AKA Ricardo Small Songwriter, percussionist, vocalist

Nikolai (BBD)

Exodus Songwriter & MC

Kattimoni (BBD)

Kattimoni Singer songwriter

Anna Rizzo-Tassone (AUS)

Anna Rizzo-Tassone Singer- songwriter, Bass & Keys

Stoney BlueFireFlame (US)

Stoney BlueFireFlame MC & songwriter

Maddi Malone

Maddi Malone Music video

Tamwah (AUS)

Tamwah Singer- songwriter, trumpet, beats, producer

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