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VIBE Reggae Edition playlist is full of the freshest new reggae tunes from around the world.


We love : Reggae, Reggae fusion, Dancehall, Samba reggae.

Changes up every 2months.

Curated by Tamwah

SONGWOMBAN we are- playlist

Is full of songs from my sistas, making music in all kinds of genres. This playlist is for first nations female artists. Songs stay in rotation forever!

Curated by Tamwah


Tamwah is a songwomban,beat-maker,healer and visual artist whose vibrant, socially conscious music aspires to uplift, empower and incite positive change. Inspired by her deep connection with nature.


Tamwah's NEW song "Mama Nature", is a catchy reggae tune with Baile funk& RnB flavors. Vocally, Tamwah flows like water between smooth soulful singing, sweet harmonies and dynamic rhymes with conscious word/sound/power/intent. Reminding minding us we have the power to make positive change on this planet, together!






         Over the past few years, one of the greatest threats facing the Amazon has been the increasing human destruction of its forests, which puts both the environment and those it supports at risk.


The main cause of human deforestation in the Amazon is the economic incentives that favour the extraction of Brazil’s natural resources, such as gold, timber, and soy. However, there are other causes too, such as land clearing and the conversion of forests into agricultural land, illegal logging, and wildfires. The indigenous tribes from the Amazon have been trying to warn the rest of the world for a very long time about the importance of protecting the sacred, the Amazon.

Sometimes I get really overwhelmed and deeply disturbed by the selfish actions of corporations & governments on nature. I mean, how stupid are these humans running things, that know the science but don't give a F%ck. These people are extra dangerous because they're not even thinking about their own families future...and people just keep voting them back into positions of power. WAKE UP!!! This tells me a few things, firstly, we need to start & keep decolonizing our minds, so we can see clearly as human beings & make smarter choices for our home planet.

Secondly, WE are the ones we are waiting on, with the collective power to change the entire system residing inside us. AND lastly, even the smallest inspired actions of change have the potential to become a wave.


Its not too late to help protect and save the Amazon here's a few links to organizations doing great work.

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