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Body scrub
Sacred stones
Sacred stones
Water blessing
Water blessing
Palm Trees
Palm Trees


Intuitive Massage & Energy Balancing:  Clarity, Balance & Radiance  
Session: 90 mins/ $190     120 mins / $250


What happens in the healing treatment?:

You set the sacred intention for your treatment. I tune into you & work with your & mine ancestors. We weave your healing intention within your luminous energy field (LEF) into your physical body with the ancient art of energy medicine & body work.


I do not promote talking during the session unless it is connected to what we are working on & thru. WHY?  firstly, I am not a councilor. The mental plane is the domain of the identity & is very clever at hiding/concealing what is ready to be healed / clean up in the energy field.


This treatment promotes accelerated healing & reconnection. With your permission, awareness & breath the whole body is finally able to “let go” allowing you, the client, to reconnect to your inner strength, love & greater alignment with your soul. 


Specific placement & massage strokes with hot stones helps aid circulation, digestion, decreases muscular spasm and pain, softens tissue, boost immune system & lymphatic system.


This is more than just a physical massage. I work on multi-dimensions, the 9 bodies of your aura, timelines & blind spots within the session.  With your permission, I merge with you energetically and emphatically sense you through my body as a way to get to the root of

dis-ease, where you've disconnected from yourself fast & align to your Souls potential.

The container I create is a sacred space for divine healing, working with your higher self, angels, ancestors, guides & healing team, coupled with mine. Intuitively combining all my tools as a holistic therapist just for you in the moment for the highest good.

Every healing is unique just like you.

I am an intuitive empath, during the therapy session, I can feel your pains & misalignment within my body. And tho I am mindful, my work is not mental, its holistic & very much grounded thru the heart chakra & L.E.F. This helps me work concisely with your healing intention for the best out come for you. Sometimes I see/ hear/ smell your guides & ancestors, or see your aura & get downloads of information but this is unique from person to person. I do hear you change frequency when you let go of the blocks. During the session my fingers will spark & click as I move your stagnant chi along your meridian lines & out your hands & feet. 

You will learn to breath better for well-being & throughout the session you will be ask to breath a somatic breath. This breath instructs your body to let go of emotional & mental tension held in the body. Once the healing session is complete, I disconnect from you. Once I have cleansed myself after the session I have let go of your healing imprint & story

(I'd be jammed up if I didn't). So please make your own notes.

In my toolbox

  • Lomi Lomi                                                       *Chakra & Auric Balance/cleanse/align

  • Hot stones                                                       *Reiki (Sekhem/ Kundalini/ Usui )

  • Myo Fascial Release                                       *Sound therapy

  • Remedial & Sports massage                          *Crystal & Colour therapy

  • Reflexology                                                      *Tantric well-being

  • Shiatsu                                                              *Ancestral work

  • Pre/post natal                                                 *Breath work

  • Lymphatic massage                                         *Nature therapy

  • Kinesiology                                                      *Ancestral healing

  • Clairvoyance                                                    *Master clearing & alignment templates

Distant Healing Sessions:
In the comfort of your own space, I can work with you & your healing intent. Drawing from my extensive back ground in healing techniques & grounded intuition, we will connect, I will set up a crystal grid with your intention, then do a body scan & use Reiki, Kinesiology & holographic healing templates to bring you into greater alignment.
Includes: Notes on best tools/ Practices exclusively for you to keep glowing & growing
Session 40mins / $140
Tarot Reading
For clarity & self empowerment. I offer a very clear reflection & channel for you to receive guidance. Clairvoyant reading using tarot as a practical tool to help best maneuver through changes & make the most of opportunities. Learn about yourself & whats blocking you. These sessions include distant healing to help you be more aligned with your spirit.
Sessions available anywhere in the world via ZOOM.
Sessions  30mins / $150        60mins /$300

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I will send you an invoice via paypal & you pay in advance of treatment.

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Born awake!

I rise strong from a lineage of lionesses that practiced natural therapies, music, grow their own food, are clairvoyant & live love as a religion. My mother taught me I am limitless, my nana taught me how to work with nature & my great grandma taught me how to connect with my ancestors in lucid dreaming.

I've always seen, heard, smelt & felt auras & spirits, my dreaming is rich & I experience synesthesia, its normal to me. At 3yrs old I learnt how to use the sun to program my minds. At 10yrs old I was working with crystals, making flower remedies & writing an astrology column in my primary school newsletter. At 15yrs old I learnt to meditate & give distant healings. By 22yrs, I was a Crystal practitioner & trainer, Reiki master, visionary artist, massage therapist, faery wing maker, permaculture grower, yoga loving vegetarian on my ever evolving path of well-being & service to mama earth.

For 20+yrs I've been passionately discovering & working in the Healing & Creative Arts field. The two go hand in hand for me. As a holistic therapist I've been blessed to work in so many spectacular environments & locations... like Gaia Retreat & Day Spa (nestled in the hinterland of Byron Bay), Crystal Castle & many beautiful homes & retreat centers in Australia, Canada, Bali, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Peru, England & Brazil.

My foundations are solidly built on love, I am an indigenous woman, I walk my talk & live humbly in many planes of existence at once. Htp

My qualifications:
Dip Remedial Massage Therapy, Crystal Healer Cert, Facilitator Trainer Cert, Cert 4 Small Business,  MFR & Cranial Sacral Cert, Sekhem & Usui Reiki Master, Ama Deus Shamanic Healing Cert, Shiatsu Cert, Polynesian Hot Rock Massage Cert, Lomi Lomi Cert, Costume Design Cert 4, First Aid Cert, Shakti Shiva Tantric Healing Cert, Powa (Buddhist death & rebirth rites), Dip illustrative Photography. Dip E.M.P.
Association Member:
MAA (Massage Association of Australia)
APRA (Australian performing Artist Association)