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A little about me.

My foundations are solidly built on love, I am an indigenous woman, I walk my talk & live humbly in many planes of existence at once. I've always seen, heard, smelt, felt auras + spirits & my dreaming is lucid.

This is normal to me. As a child, I crossed over & came back, so I know this life is precious!

My family taught me I am limitless, how to work with nature & how to connect with my ancestors in lucid dreaming. At 3yrs old I learnt how to use the sun to program my minds. At 10yrs old I was working with crystals, making flower remedies & writing an astrology column in my primary school newsletter. At 15yrs old I learnt to meditate & give distant healings. By 22yrs, I was a Crystal practitioner & trainer, Reiki master, visionary artist, massage therapist, singer, faery wing maker, permaculture student, yoga loving vegetarian on my ever evolving path of well-being & service to mama earth.

For 25+yrs I've been passionately discovering & working in the Healing & Creative Arts field nationally & internationally. The two go hand in hand for me. They are my anchors & souls expressions!


The container I create is a sacred space for divine healing, working with your higher self, angels, ancestors, guides & healing team, coupled with mine. Intuitively combining all my tools as a holistic therapist just for you in the moment for the highest good. Every healing is unique just like you.

I am an intuitive empath, during the therapy session, I can feel your pains & misalignment within my body. And tho I am mindful, my work is not mental, its holistic & very much grounded thru the heart chakra & L.E.F. This helps me work concisely with your healing intention for the best out come for you. Sometimes I see/ hear/ smell your guides & ancestors, or see your aura & get downloads of information but this is unique from person to person. I do hear you change frequency when you let go of the blocks. During the session my fingers will spark & click as I move your stagnant chi along your meridian lines & out your hands & feet. 

In my toolbox

  • Lomi Lomi                                                       *Chakra & Auric Balance/cleanse/align

  • Hot stones                                                       *Reiki (Sekhem/ Kundalini/ Usui )

  • Myo Fascial Release                                       *Sound therapy

  • Remedial & Sports massage                          *Crystal & Colour therapy

  • Reflexology                                                      *Tantric well-being

  • Shiatsu                                                              *Ancestral work

  • Pre/post natal                                                 *Breath work

  • Lymphatic massage                                         *Nature therapy

  • Kinesiology                                                      *Ancestral healing

  • Clairvoyance                                                    *Master clearing & alignment templates

To arrange/book your treatment please  EMAIL - with your contact details, country & what service you'd like to receive. Thank you!

Intuitive Massage & Energy Balancing: 

Clarity, Balance & Radiance  

You set the sacred intention for your treatment. I tune into you & work with your & mine ancestors. We weave your healing intention within your luminous energy field (LEF) into your physical body with the ancient art of energy medicine & body work.


This treatment promotes accelerated healing & reconnection. With your permission, awareness & breath the whole body is finally able to “let go” allowing you, the client, to reconnect to your inner strength, love & greater alignment with your soul. 


Specific placement & massage strokes with hot stones helps aid circulation, digestion, decreases muscular spasm and pain, softens tissue, boost immune system & lymphatic system.


This is more than just a physical massage. I work on multi-dimensions, the 9 bodies of your aura, timelines & blind spots within the session. 

I do not promote talking during the session unless it is connected to what we are working on & thru. WHY?  firstly, I am not a councilor. The mental plane is the domain of the identity & is very clever at hiding/concealing what is ready to be healed / clean up in the energy field.

Session: 90 mins/ $190     120 mins / $250

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In the comfort of your own space, I can work with you & your healing intent. Drawing from my extensive back ground in healing techniques & grounded intuition, we will connect, I will set up a crystal grid with your intention, then do a body scan & use Reiki, Kinesiology & holographic healing templates to bring you into greater alignment.

Includes: Notes on best tools/ Practices exclusively for you to keep glowing & growing

Sessions available anywhere in the world via ZOOM & WhatsApp. 

Session 40mins / $140
crystal grid 1.jpg


For clarity & self empowerment. I offer a very clear reflection & channel for you to receive guidance. Clairvoyant reading using tarot as a practical tool to help best maneuver through changes & make the most of opportunities. Learn about yourself & whats blocking you. These sessions include distant healing to help you be more aligned with your spirit.

Sessions available anywhere in the world via ZOOM & WhatsApp. 

Sessions  30mins / $150        60mins /$300

**The Peoples Reserve can be used on this service**
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