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Tamwah is a songwomban,beat-maker,healer and visual artist whose vibrant, socially conscious music aspires to uplift, empower and incite positive change.

She flows like water between smooth soulful jazz singing and dynamic rhymes with conscious intent.
Tamwah’s music is a similarly multi-dimensional brew of abstract hip hop beats, Brazilian & Caribbean influences and 70’s soul. Tamwah is a soul rebel that naturally pushes creative boundaries.


Hey there!
Thank you for coming on this magical music journey with me.


Whats NEW? whats GOOD?
First up, I'd like to introduce you to my partner in creative flow & love,Flower AKA Ricardo Small. Flower is an MC, percussionist & builder of dreams. We meet in his tropical homeland of Barbados early 2019 & have been co-creating music & art ever since.

"Water is life", track 1. off my latest album "Love like water", was written by us. Currently we’re working on coming together in the same country. Like many people, the pandemic has us in a very VERY long distant relationship.

We are working on new music. As well as a handmade clothing range & artwork which will be available as prints & T-shirts here soon.
In the meantime we have some cool services online you can link with. If you'd like to dive into songwriting, learn percussion, are looking for custom beats or art work for your next project.


I've curated a ever evolving playlist on my of first nation song women that will lift you up and get you dancing.