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Tamwah is a songwomban,beat-maker,healer and visual artist whose vibrant, socially conscious music aspires to uplift, empower and incite positive change.

She flows like water between smooth soulful jazz singing and dynamic rhymes with conscious intent.
Tamwah’s music is a similarly multi-dimensional brew of abstract hip hop beats, Brazilian & Caribbean influences and 70’s soul. Tamwah is a soul rebel that naturally pushes creative boundaries.



Big love to everyone reading this. What a year 2020 has been. For me the challenges have been as big as the opportunity to grow.

My mental health

mantra to help me stay aligned has been "focus on what you can do & do that well".

The lack of paid work for musicians has been a huge problem for all artists this year. I was thinking what can I do to help us?  Then, the idea of creating an album with the theme of water is life came to me.

I contacted some of my indigenous artists friends from here & Barbados with the idea to collaborate via the internet. We've had some awesome song writing sessions, this has helped give us a focus. Now, I'm fundraising via the Australian Cultural Fund organization to make sure all the artists get paid for their work & time.

Please get behind us

I'm moments away from completing my Bachelor of Audio sound. I've also released my latest EP, "Sol Shine". It is co-produced & written by Justin Atherley (UK) & myself. We started working on music together from afar, back in 2017 & "Sol Shine" is the accumulation of that connection. This EP touches on two topics that are in my opinion crucial for us as humans to move forward. Love & awareness. The song "Children of Ra " is about us collectively being the change we want in the world. The legacy of humanity is the children of the world & care given to our mama earth.

"Shine" is about us indigenous mob rising out of the negative projections & racism placed on us. Now is the time to claim our sovereignty & rightful place in society. 

The remaining 3 songs are about love.

What the world needs more of.









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'Thank you for showing some love by supporting my art' - Tamwah 







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